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Handcrafted, bespoke cricket bats are our specialty. Established in 2007, MG2 Cricket owners Marty and Megan Graham are renowned for their quality cricket bats and accessories.

Many first class and international cricket players acknowledge Marty as being a world-class cricket bat crafter. Together Marty and Megan’s knowledge of cricket is exceptional, so you can be assured your cricket bat will be handcrafted specifically to match you.

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Cricket Bats

Our top quality, handcrafted cricket bats are ready for you to order online

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Feature Bat

Evo 7 star

The EVO 7 star super pro willow.

The latest mid/lower shape with little or no incurve the pros are craving atm, gentle bow with flowing edges, oval handle.

Price: $890.00

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Custom Cricket Bats

Build your very own MG2 custom cricket bat specifically crafted just for you

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Need a bigger sweet spot?

Design your very own handcrafted MG2 cricket bat.  By choosing your specific requirements, such as, blade length, grain width, handle shape, sweet spot location and weight to name a few, Marty will build your ultimate cricket bat.

Prices start from: $1050


Cricket Bat Services

Cricket bat repair, refurbish, knocking in service, handle replacement and re-balancing

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Services & Repairs

Full Refurbishment

from $60


from $75


from $15

Toe Guard


Cricket Bags, Batting Gloves and Batting Pads

Check out our range of Soft Goods

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Feature Product

5 Star Dufflebag

New to our bag range for this season, after seeing plenty of dufflebags used in the UK. I thought let’s make up a simple one main compartment version. Has large side pocket, front and smaller valuables pockets, also two full length side bat pouches.
Lets see if Kiwis like the idea of being able to through their kit over their shoulders and still be hands free, so they can use the mobile??
90cm x 32cm x 25cm
Big enough for all my kit including two bats, pads, 3pr gloves, thigh pads, helmet, shoes and playing gears.

Price: $160.00

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Cricket Shoes and Accessories

We stock a range of quality cricket shoes and cricket accessories for you to order online

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