Custom Cricket Bats

Build your very own MG2 custom cricket bat specifically crafted just for you.

Custom cricket bat pricing begins at $1050.00 and include one free service. Freight costs additional.
Simply select from the options below for your custom quote.

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Bat Details

How much will my custom bat cost?

Custom bats start from $1050.00 and includes one free service (conditions apply).

What do the different types of grain widths mean?

Broad: from a younger tree, hence stronger, will take longer to really perform, but will last well.

Average: best value for money, a mixture of performance and durability.

Narrow: from an older tree, so possibly not as durable, but performs much faster.

What profile should I choose?

Traditional: straighter blade for playing those classical shots, great for purists of the game.

Large Bow: designed for players from the subcontinent, where playing along the ground is sometimes less effective.

Slight Bow: best of both worlds, gives a natural feel to playing over the top or along the deck.

What sweet spot would suit me best?

Low: for the player who loves to drive and play on the front foot.

Middle: for the player who has all the shots in the locker, both front foot and back foot.

High: for the player who prefers to hover on the back foot and play square of the wicket.