Introducing our latest range…. butterfly willow bats.
So called due to the stains in the willow, caused from a combination of harsh pruning and or heavy frost. Historically great performing willow, used by the likes of WG Grace way back and more recently Sanath Jayasuriya. Back in the early nineties, I think Chris Harris and John Wright both used butterfly willow bats supplied to them from Classic Bats in the UK.
We managed to source some at a good price, so decided to pass that benefit on to our customers. SH bats for only $390.
We are doing two shapes, our classic lower Sangakkara “KS” shape and our mid Super Bat “SB” shape…..both with round handles(can do oval if needed).


Oiling / Knocking in

We recommend all English Willow Cricket Bats be oiled and knocked in before use to add extra protection and to bring on better performance qualities with the raw linseed oil effects on the willow fibers.

Using either a soft cloth or simply applying with finger tips, we recommend applying between three – five coats of Raw Linseed Oil over two – three days to the face, edges and toe of the bat, leaving the bat face up between applications for the oil to soak in. One application would be approx one teaspoon of raw linseed oil.

The raw linseed oil allows the willow fibers to remain supple and allow the face and edges to “dent” rather than crack throughout the knocking in period.

Then using a hardwood bat mallet to simulate a cricket ball hitting the bat to “compress” further the face, edges and toe of the bat. Starting lightly initially and as the wood compacts, increase the force of the impact. Edges and Toe are more susceptible areas for damage so extra care should be taken here to start gently with less force and build up slowly and carefully to avoid damage.

This process will vary from bat to bat but will generally take between four to six hours in total.


Do NOT allow the bat to get wet!!!

This is a major cause of toe damage in bats especially with the use of artificial turf /grass nets which initially appear to be dry but which hide and retain moisture which is bought to the surface when batting.

Damage is especially noticeable for players who “tap” their bats, as is a popular preparation technique for many players at all levels of the game, and often leads to toe swelling which is not immediately noticeable or apparent until the next training or use.

The face, edges and toe of the bat can be cleaned and/or maintained during the season by using fine sandpaper and raw linseed oil.

A skilled bat maker should make repairs only and we offer a full repair service with estimates provided or quotes available upon receipt and inspection of the bat.

Warranty Claims

At the discretion of the bat maker, MG2 offer a warranty against any fault of manufacture or defective materials for a period of 12 months.

Should you believe a warranty claim to be necessary, the bat must be returned to us for inspection. Proof of purchase is required to be provided for any claim to be valid.

The warranty period does NOT include the following;

  • misuse
  • insufficient knocking in and preparation prior to use
  • superficial cracking
  • damaged edges or toe, or excessive use

In the case of replacement product, the remaining warranty period on the existing bat only will be carried onto the replacement bat.