With many years of experience Marty at MG2 Cricket can handle all your cricket bat repair or maintenance needs.
Whether it’s fitting a protective facing, a re-balance, a new handle, re-grips, just a tidy up or even knocking your new bat in!
We work with any brand of cricket bat. If you’ve worn the toe guard off your favourite bat or you’re in need of a major refurbishment MG2 can help.

Minimum Repair Charges is $20.

Re-Handle bats (Supply & Fit)$75.00
Re-Balancing bats to lighter weight$75.00
Oiling and Knocking in Service (Non MG2 Bats)$50.00
Oiling and Knocking in Service (MG2 Bats)$40.00
Re-furbish / Major Clean Tidy up$70.00
Repair and finish Major Damage$70.00
Repair and finish Minor Damage$35.00
Sand & Polish Face$25.00
Toe Guard (Rubber supply & fit)$20.00
Re-bind Handle$20.00
Adhensive facing (supply & fit)$20.00
Rubber Grip (supply & fit)$15.00

Hope Virats gunna be happy??!!

Posted by MG2 Cricket on Tuesday, 22 January 2019